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Signing a lease is a common act for many foreigners who want to live or develop a business in Barcelona. But this signature can lead to many questions and conflicts that could be avoided thanks to a clear and complete drafting of the relations between the landlord and the tenant.

For this reason, Campos Catafal offers you a specialized service with an English speaking lawyer to help you in the residential and commercial leases in Barcelona:

Services landlord

  • Advice on your rights and obligations as a Landlord in Spain
  • Drafting and review of lease contracts
  • Renewal of a lease contract
  • Claim for unpaid rents
  • Claims for breach of contract
  • Termination of the lease and eviction of the tenant
  • Tenant evictions for an owner’s or relative to move-in
  • Situation of the tenant in case of sale of the building

Services tenant

  • Advice on your rights and obligations as a tenant in Spain
  • Negotiations on the terms of a lease
  • Lease contract drafting or review
  • Complaints in case of insalubrity or defects / problems of the building
  • Claim for breach of contract
  • Termination of the lease before its expiry date
  • Compensation for property repairs in the lease
  • Recovery of the guarantee after the end of the lease contract

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