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Buy or sell property in Barcelona.

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Barcelona is one of the favorite places for foreigners to invest in real estate, whether to have a second home or an asset for rent to earn income.

To ensure that the whole process goes as planned, the Campos Catafal Lawyers team advises and helps you manage the purchase and sale of real estate property in Barcelona and Catalonia.

An English speaking real estate lawyer will guide you through the entire process of buying or selling your property, apartment, commercial premises, house, parking space, entire building, etc.


  • Review of purchase or sale information (property information, land register verification, price advice by area, etc.) and conditions
  • Review the real estate agency mandate.
  • Drafting or reviewing of the promise of sale (the “contrato de arras” in Spanish).
  • If a mortgage loan from a Spanish bank is necessary, review of loan conditions and in particular the existence of unfair terms.
  • Drafting of Agreements of Purchase and Sale for private transactions
  • Accompanying the notary to formalize the purchase or sale of the real estate property (the notary is chosen by the buyer, in which case we work with a trustworthy notary).
  • Registration of the purchase in the land register.

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