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Real estate conflicts can occur at any time and, if not effectively managed, their economic consequences can become serious. Moreover, in Spain the documents are written in a complicated legal jargon, even for the Spaniards, with old expressions, which complicates matters for foreign residents.

To help you solve real estate conflicts, Campos Catafal has an English-speaking real estate lawyer to handle real estate disputes, whether judicial or extrajudicial.


  • Tenant eviction procedures for lack of payment, unauthorised subleases or assignments, or other causes of termination of the lease.
  • Property Litigation: action in claim, usucapion, guarantee of the buyer against hidden defects, minimum interest clauses, illegal occupation.
  • Loan Reimbursement Requests
  • Claims for damages
  • Contractual and non-contractual Liability,
  • Claims for harmful or dangerous activities, mortgage foreclosures, unfair clauses.

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